Weekend Workshops


Backbend Workshop with Lynda Gill

Revitalize your spine!

Experience the exhilaration of backbending poses as you develop flexibility in the shoulders, pelvis and spine. In this class you will learn the proper actions of the arms and legs for safely performing backbending poses. Supported poses will also be included to create freedom in the spine, particularly the upper back and neck, and to bring awareness to the position of the shoulder blades.

Backbending actions expand the chest fully and enhance the functioning of the heart and lungs. Backbends improve one's posture, which is essential for proper breathing.

Backbends are the best antidote to a rounded (kyphotic) upper back.


Restorative Poses and the Power of Practice with Lynda Gill

Discover the power of a restorative practice!

One of the greatest gifts from the late yoga master, B.K.S. Iyengar, is the knowledge of how to use props and sequence poses so that we can reap the benefits of yoga when we need it most. Whether you suffer from headaches, physical or mental fatigue, or just need a break from the demands of work and family responsibilities, practicing these poses will bring you to a state of deep relaxation.

It is during this state of deep relaxation that healing begins.

Join us for an afternoon practice designed to quiet the nervous system and relieve the stresses that cause "dis-ease". Including these poses in your home practice will revitalize your body/mind and promote a sense of well being.

In today's fast-paced world these poses provide the relaxation so desperately needed by an overworked body or an over-stimulated mind.


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